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x. Name? Katie
x. Nicknames? Katieloo
x. Favorite band(s)? green day, Offspring, Butterfly Boucher, The Used, Justin Timberlake, No Doubt, Michelle Branch, The Killers, The Eagles, The BloodHound Gang, Pink, Lil' John and the EastSide Boys, missy elliot, retro dance, basically rock, some rap, 80's and emo
x. Lyric? i think theres somethin heatin up, i wanna be with u. i dont know what your thinkin bout, but i wanna be with u
x. Vegitarian/Vegan? Neither; i tried being a vegetarian once, but i like my steak meat. i eat more chicken though
x. Sexual Orientation? i dont lable myself. im just katieloo. im still experimenting, but i dont like the lable, "bi"
x. Glasses? cute emo ones
x. Favorite show? simpsons, who wants to be a millionair, queer eye for the straight guy
x. Picture? my icons are my only pictures
x. Straightedge? hardcore
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