Pebbles<33 (mixtapeandi) wrote in em0_suprem0,

x. Name? Rebecca Tilly B.
x. Nicknames? Tilly. I prefer going by Tilly please.
x. Favorite band(s)? Bright Eyes, Tilly And THe Wall, CocoRosie, Elliot Smith, Rocky Votolato, The Smiths, THe Cure
x. Lyric? This is the first face that I saw, think I was blind before I met you.
x. Vegitarian/Vegan? Vegan for 6 vegetarian for 16
x. Sexual Orientation? Boys. Femanine Boys.
x. Glasses? Nopers.
x. Favorite show? THe Punk Show or THe Wedge. on Much Music.
x. Picture?  Kinda an funny picture.
x. Straightedge? Nope.
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